Red Rock Rietje

Sam and I just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. While there we had a chance to enjoy a bit of nature at Red Rock Canyon, which inspired this illustration. Unrelated: we saw WILD BURROS. Awesome.

Liz Climo

I’m a little obsessed with these cute illustrations by Liz Climo.

Thanks for the tip Zoebot.

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Merijn Hos

I feel like I saw this on a blog before, but I never connected it to a specific person. Turns out it’s Merijn Hos, who incidentally also created the artwork for my favorite Verkade Tin (that and the above piece in greater detail, after the jump).

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Paper Birds

Check out these awesome paper sculptures. Thanks for the tip @dazezuli!

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Maricor Maricar

Embroidered typography? How cool. These are by twin designers Maricor and Maricar.

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You may have noticed the blog was down for a bit today-thanks to a pesky computer virus (like this little guy, but less adorable, OBV). Everything is fixed now. Thanks Sam!

Marimekko on Google

Two posts in one day! Marimekko on Google, how could I resist?

Greg Barth

Last week we had the pleasure of meeting Louisa from Bernstein & Andriulli. The video above is a piece by Greg Barth, one of their artists.

Pusheen the cat

I’m a little bit obsessed with this cute blog. Thanks for sharing Janice!

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Words Can Fly

Love this 3D type exhibit Words Can Fly created to raise money/support for Fukushima, Japan.